Top 5 Local Breakfast Options Near Newport resort

Some would call breakfast the most important meal of the day. While the jury may still be out on that, for most of us, it’s certainly the best part of our morning. Warm coffee or tea helps us greet the day, while sweet and savory menu items provide the perfect starting point for other relaxing vacation activities.
As you may know, we have discontinued our continental breakfast (effective February 19, 2019) at Newport Resort in an effort to reduce food waste, avoid rate increases, and promote our community.
This has given us the opportunity to partner with some of the best local breakfast and brunch places in Egg Harbor and provide our guests with fresh Newport Market food items as well as our top recommendations to grab a bite in the morning.

Main Street Market

As a family-owned and operated local business since 1987, Main Street Market is a full-service grocery store just a short drive from Newport Resort.
A grocery store for breakfast? Absolutely! Main Street Market has an extensive selection of tasty breakfast options in their Bakery Department, which is well-stocked with local favorites like donuts, cinnamon rolls, bagels, scones, muffins, and tons of other delightful pastries.
Plus – if you’d rather utilize the full kitchen in your suite, Main Street Market can supply any and all of your breakfast ingredients.
The bakery opens at 7:30am each morning where you’ll notice many of the same faces return day-after-day for coffee and a pastry.

Big Easy Bagel & Beignet

Soon to open is a brand-new business called Big Easy Bagel & Beignet that’s primed to add something truly unique to Egg Harbor just minutes away from our comfortable resort.
A beignet (pronounced “ben-yey”) is a light and fluffy, sweet square of dough covered in powdered sugar. In other words, this is an elegantly delicious breakfast pastry you really need to try!
But that’s not the only item on their menu. They also plan to offer a variety of bagels, from onion to cranberry orange and more, as well as signature coffee and espresso drinks to put some pep in your step each morning.

Village Cafe

Located on the Northeast side of Egg Harbor, within walking distance of Newport Resort, sits another amazing local breakfast option – Village Café.
Ideal for those vacationing with kids, breakfast is served all day long and features a large menu listing just about anything you could ever need to start your day. From pancakes to omelets to signature dishes and everything in between, there’s something for even the pickiest eaters to enjoy.
The word is also out on their famous carrot cake, making Village Café a “must-visit” breakfast hotspot that keep your coming back again and again.

Pink Bakery

Speaking of things that are sweet, you won’t want to miss a visit to Pink Bakery which is also close by.
With the same ownership as Village Café, this full-service bakery provides pastries, pies, breads, and more made fresh daily. Along with those tasty treats, they also offer coffee, espresso, and cappuccino drinks to quench your thirst and warm your heart.

The Clubhouse Grill

Travel around the corner and just over a mile down County Road E, and you’ll find a local breakfast joint that’s all teed up for you. The Clubhouse Grill at Stonehedge Golf Course offers a classic breakfast menu with something for everyone.
Open daily from 11:00am to 7:00pm, hungry visitors of all ages have their choice of eggs, pancakes, potatoes, and many other specialty dishes right on par with your cravings.
There are no wrong choices here!